Apache Tomcat sort ses griffes

Le Jeudi 15 Décembre l’AlpesJUG a le plaisir de recevoir Jean- Frederic Clere pour parler du futur d’Apache Tomcat (en français).

Apache Tomcat Next

This presentation will provide an update on the Tomcat 9 implementation of the next versions of the JavaEE specifications that most impact Tomcat (Servlet, JSP, EL and WebSocket).

There will be a particular focus on the progress of HTTP/2 support.

The Tomcat 8.5 which brings the HTTP/2, SNI etc in a java7 and EE7 is the step before EE8 will be presented. The configuration changes and migration to earlier Tomcat versions will be discussed and the roadmap to the next stable Tomcat releases will be presented.

Using OpenSSL to Boost JSSE in Tomca

In Tomcat-native and Tomcat9 it is now possible to use the NIO and NIO2 connectors with OpenSSL and have a a full support of HTTP/2 with TLS/SSL. JSSE is known to have poor performances compared with OpenSSL additionally ALPN required by HTTP/2 won’t be in the JVM before java9.

The goal of the new connector is to get ride of the old APR connector and use the NIO or NIO2 one and still have the performances of OpenSSL.

Additionally the tc-native can be used in other java web server for example undertow, the presentation will explain how and demo it quickly.

The presentation will explain the new code and the corresponding configuration and show the performance improvements: With the new piece of code Tomcat with the NIO or NIO2 connector gives even a better throughput than with the old APR connector!

Le conférencier

Jean-Frederic Clere (Red Hat) :avatar for Jean-Frederic Clere

Jean-Frederic has spent more than 20 years writing client/server software. His knowledges range from Cobol to Java, BS2000 to Linux and /390 to i386 but with preference to the later ;). He is committer in Httpd and Tomcat and he likes complex projects where different languages and machines are involved.

Born in France, Jean-Frederic lived in Barcelona (Spain) for 14 years. Since May 2006 he lives in Neuchatel (Switzerland) where he works for RedHat in the JBoss division.



Cette soirée se déroulera sur le campus au Laboratoire LIG – Bâtiment CTL 7 allée de Palestine 38610 , GIERES, à partir de 19h