Venez fêter Lugnasad avec un peu de retard – Soirée Analytic at scale with DRUID le 24 Septembre

Le 24 septembre l’AlpesJUG a le plaisir d’accueillir Julien Lavigne du Cadet pour une présentation de l’outil Druid en français.


Data is not insight. At Criteo, we display more than 2.5 billion ads per day, making us one of the biggest ad tech firms in the world and giving us plenty of data to play with. But how can we make this huge amount of information accessible to our customers? Can we go so far as to let them drill into it, sorting and filtering at will? With sub second latency? In this talk, I’ll tell you how Criteo’s new analytics platform uses Druid: an open-source, real-time data store designed to power interactive applications at scale. I’ll walk you through Druid‘s architecture and internals to see what makes it an ideal solution for these kinds of use cases.

Le conférencier

Julien Lavigne du CadetJulien is leading the team building the next-gen campaign management and analytics platform for Criteo, one of the biggest ad tech firms in the world. Previously, he spent 5 years working as a software architect for an hedge fund specialized in algorithmic trading. He helped the company move from monthly releases to deploying several times a day by introducing agile practices and by re-architecting monolithic applications into dozens of micro-services. He also co-founded two startups.



Cette soirée se déroulera sur le campus à la Maison Jean Kuntzman le Jeudi 24 Septembre à partir de 19h00.

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