DataGrid & Distributed Cache avec InfiniSpan de JBoss / Red Hat le 29 Mars 2012

MAJ : les slides de la soirée sont disponibles ici

Comme promis, voici le retour du cache distribué Infinispan.

Infinispan is an open source data grid platform from Red Hat.
In this talk, Galder will provide a demo-driven beginners guide to Infinispan, touching on some of the key problems that Infinispan solves such as basic storage, querying for data, and using clustering for failover. The audience will also get an understanding of the different APIs Infinispan exposes, including when to use each one, and will discover how to migrate applications relying on JBoss Cache, or other third party caching solutions (i.e. EhCache) to Infinispan. On top of that, the audience will learn how popular frameworks are benefiting from integrating Infinispan such as Hibernate where Infinispan powers a low-latency second level cache.
Since this is a ‘for Dummies’ talk, it will be full of easy-to-understand explanations, tear-out cheat sheets…etc

Le Speaker : Galder Zamarreño is a JBoss Core R&D Engineer working for Red Hat. In his current role, he’s part of the Infinispan project development team where he’s building next generation, distributed data grid software. Galder has previously worked with Red Hat/JBoss customers helping them build highly distributed and massively scalable JBoss Application Server clusters based on technologies such as JGroups and JBoss Cache. Prior to joining Red Hat, Galder worked in the Retail industry where he was a software developer involved in the development of an EFT sofware switch solution based on JBoss technologies. The love for distributed systems and open source software comes from his days at ESIDE faculty at University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) where he studied a master’s degree in Computer Science.


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