Docker: Up & Running

« Docker: Up & Running » by Karl Matthias, Sean P. Kane.(O’Reilly 2015, 232p)

Let’s say it upfront: it is version 1.10.

The book covers the initial concepts (images, containers host, guests). This is a crucial step as it is very easy to be confused up-front.

Each concept is simply described. Maybe they could have […]

« Statistics done wrong » by Alex Reinhart (O’Reilly)

« Statistics done wrong » by Alex Reinhart (O’Reilly 2015, 176p)

Statistics will not give you a compile error if done wrong! On the contrary, the more wrong, the more supportive to your point statistics may be. Who will notice anyway? Those knowledgeable are so few. Data shows that: out of genuity or malice, statistics […]